Italian Car and Bike Day

An annual event, the Italian Car and Bike Day takes place in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The organisers wanted to create an all year round awareness of the event which coincides with The Kent Country Fair. With an Alpha Romeo as their chosen vehicle we set out to wrap the entire vehicle with an Italian themed wall paper to promote the event.

As the focus of the event is specific to Italian Motor enthusiasts. An all things “Italian” approach was taken using a collection of car badges and motifs plus elements of typical Italian features found on particular cars and bikes. These were knitted together and applied as a “wall paper” montage design. The idea was to create something that had WOW factor. The wrapping had to be engaging enough to turn heads yet cause one to stop and study the elements that make up the entire montage.


Special thanks to Identity Graphic Innovation for the wrapping of the vehicle.


Client: Honnington Events

Project: Photo montage vehicle wrap