Upload your file now and get your artwork (scan, bitmap logo or motif) transformed to vector from as little as £25* .

We will vectorize any low quality logo, graphic and scanned scamp/sketch.

Vectored files can be used in large size printed banners, posters, flyers etc with unlimited scaling options. We supply your vectorized image in all the most common vector formats (Ai, Eps, PSD, Dwg, Svg). providing you with perfectly digitalized vector images.

4 Steps to your Art to Vector


Upload your low quality image in .jpg, .bmp, pdf or other raster formats.



We redraw the logo/images into vector format.


You receive a preview image of the vectored version.


Satisfied with the preview, you make payment and download the vector files including AI, EPS, SVG and PSD file formats.


The nuts and bolts.

A vector version of any artwork with unlimited scalability intended for use commercially is an absolute must, but what if you only have a small, bitmap version, a scamp, scan or no digital version at all?

There are two different file formats that are used by practically every application you’ll ever need in your marketing, advertising and promotional efforts. The first, a Vector based format, offering unlimited resolution, adaptability & scalability and the second, a Pixel (Bitmap or Raster) based format, primarily for website use but with limited scalability .ie. size reduction only.

Vector Based Formats

A vector based image is the raw source file of your artwork / logo /motif, created out of outlined shapes, which can be filled with accurate colour through the Pantone Matching System.

Pixel Based Formats

Pixel format is the default format of practically every image on the web, as well as the format used in your own digital images. Examples include scans and photos which all comprise of pixels.

Precision Conversion

With years of experience having created and worked with many logos and objects in vector format, we offer precision hand-drawn vector conversion with maximum details, sharp lines, smooth shapes, and unlimited scaling for commercial use such as printers, publishers, vinyl plotters, embroiderers etc.